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Meet Joanne

If you want someone that is calm and easy going while also being professional with many years of experience, I’m your  photographer!

Hi there!

I am Joanne, but most people call me Jo.

I have been drawn to photography and have had a camera with me as long as I can remember! I was lucky to grow up in a house where my Dad made my big brother a Darkroom to develop his film. I still remember those smells and always loved watching photos come to life.


I love working with all kinds of people from all different backgrounds but kids and dogs have always been my most favorite subjects.


Kids being crazy doesn’t bother me in the least and their chaos and laughter are my favorite sounds.


I have an immediate connection with dogs as soon as I meet them and I love the slobbery lick of a pup.

I have been the Solo Parent of my daughter Jordyn since she was born. I am grateful that she has grown into an amazing human! She is kind and compassionate and that is what I am most proud of in my life. The fact that she is also an Olympic Athlete still amazes me and fills me with pride.


I raised her on the North Shore of O`ahu . Hawaii always will feel like home and I go back go the islands several times a year to do photo sessions. I live on the West Coast now of California and soon will be opening a studio in coastal Oregon. I guess you could say I really like being near the ocean!


Even with all of my years of experience, I still get excited and have lots of ideas for every new session that goes on my calendar. I am still constantly taking classes and learning more about this art form as it changes and evolves.


I guarantee that you will love your photos because if you are not happy then I am not happy.

Joanne Barratt sitting on a bench.

"Oh my gosh these are fantastic Joanne! I have looked over them so many times now and just love them. The colors and expressions and moments you captured are so beautiful. Thank you!"


—Eliza A.


Some of the businesses and organization that I have had the pleasure of working with



Clif Bar


Simplified Builders

Tara Nolan Transformations


ZHE Law Firm


Coach Logix

Solana Beach City Council

Curry & Steinger Engineering

Nakoa Fitness


UC San Diego

University of San Diego

Drill Team Hawaii

Rancho Bernardo Vista School

Central Union Preschool

WAVE Beach Volleyball

La Pietra School

La Jolla Elementary School



Hawaii Parent

North County Kids

Free Surf

About Town



Fish 101

San Diego House Coffee & Tea

Beach Girl Jewels

Ilene King Bags

Noelani Jewelry

my daughter @jordynbarratt